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TacoBell is here to make your wishes come true by giving you a great opportunity to win $500 in the form of a check. All you have to do is enter tellthebell survey sweepstakes and be the lucky winner.

You are important for Taco Bell because loyal and happy customers are what makes a company successful. They go to extra lengths to make sure that their customers are served with the best quality food.

Taco Bell is serving their customers with exquisitely delicious food since it opened in 1962. Tellthebell proves that customer satisfaction is the topmost priority of the company. The feedback given by customers is used by the company to keep providing good quality food and service consistently which is what keeps them ahead of the market competition. Get special Burger King coupons and enjoy exclusive offers and meals along with your regular order.

This fast-food chain was opened by Glen Bell in Downey, California in the United States. It has expanded to have more than 7000 branches worldwide. This American-Mexican fast food chain is loved by people all around the world, especially for their tasty tacos and burritos.

Taking the Taco Bell survey is a very simple and easy procedure. It is available online at where you can fill the feedback forms after entering the survey code you will find printed on your receipt.

A Guide to Tell The Bell Survey Sweepstakes |

It is a very simple procedure to enter the tacobell customer survey. We have prepared a short guide for you so that you can easily enter tell the survey sweepstakes to win $500 prizes. Just follow the steps given below to make the entry.

  1. First of all, you must connect to the internet and go to the Official tell the bell survey website at

  2. On the homepage, you will be given an option to select between English and Spanish. Chose the language you understand best.

  3. After selecting the language, enter the 16-digit mytacobell survey code that you will find printed on your receipt from any restaurant branch.

  4. Remember that without customer survey code, you will not be able to enter the survey.

  5. After submitting the code, you will be able to enter the survey.

  6. Make sure that you're fulfilling all the requirements of the survey before you press "Start".

  7. When you start tellthebell customer feedback, you will be shown some forms where you can enter your feedback.

  8. Your honest opinion is very important for the company to make sure you fill the forms truthfully.

  9. Once you're done, you can end.

  10. Upon ending, you will have entered the sweepstakes to win prizes of $500.

  11. You will be notified if you're the lucky winner in the random drawing of the sweepstakes.

Can't Find the Tellthebell Survey Code on Your Receipt?

If you can't find the code on your receipt, no worries at all. Because there is a solution for you!

  1. Just below the space provided for the survey code, you will find a link in case you don't have the code printed on your receipt.

  2. Click on the link to reach another webpage.

  3. You will find space provided to enter the store number, time and date of your latest visit.

  4. Enter the information and based on it, you will be allowed to enter the tell the survey. Survey |  Rules and Requirements

In order to participate in the survey sweepstakes, you must abide by some rules and requirements. These rules are introduced by the company to make the survey procedure more efficient. Keep reading to find out what they are.

  • The foremost requirement is that you must have a mobile device or a computer with an active internet connection to connect to the tell the website.

  • An understanding of English or Spanish is the must. Without it, you will not be able to take or understand the survey.

  • Only the legal residents of 50 states of America and District of Columbia are allowed to participate in tellthebell survey.

  • The minimum age required to take the survey for 18 years. Anyone below this age is not allowed to take the survey.

  • Employees of the company or sponsors and administrators tellthebell survey are not allowed to enter the taco bell cravings deal sweepstakes. Same applies to their immediate family members or people living in the same household.

  • A receipt from Taco Bell is needed to enter the survey as it contains the survey code which is a must requirement.

  • The receipt is only valid within 30 days of the purchase. After that, the code printed on it will expire and a new purchase will be required to enter the survey.

  • Only one entry in the sweepstakes per person is allowed.

  • The code on the receipt can only be used to send one entry. To send more entries, more receipts are required.

Secret Hack to Enter $500 Tell the Bell Sweepstakes

Looking for a way to enter the sweepstakes to win $500 without making a purchase? We have the perfect hack for you. Follow the given steps to enter the sweepstakes without any purchase or survey code.

  1. First, take a 3" x 5" piece of paper.

  2. Handwrite your First name, Last name, Street address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone number, Email address and Date of Birth.

  3. Put the paper in a business-sized envelope and post it on the mailing address given below.

Mailing Address: Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes, P.O Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325

TellTheBell Customer Survey Sweepstakes Entry Periods

tell the bell sweepstakes for 2018 start from 27th of June and end on 31st December. The sweepstakes consist of 7 separate entry periods for each month. We have given below the starting, ending and drawing date of each entry period for your convenience.

Entry Period No.

Starting Date

Ending Date

Drawing Date





























What are the Prizes of Each Sweepstakes Entry Period?

There is a total of 28 prizes in the complete duration of sweepstakes. These 28 prizes are divided into the 7 entry periods, which means there are 4 lucky winners of each entry period. Each prize is worth $500 which is awarded to the winning participant in the form of a check.

How are the Winners Selected?

The winners will be selected through a random drawing that is held on the specified date as mentioned above. There are 4 lucky winners of each entry period.

After the name of the winner is selected, the candidate is verified according to the eligibility criteria mentioned in the rules and requirement section. The winner is then notified within one week of the drawing date. Tell the bell winner list is uploaded on after verification.

About Tellthebell Winner Notifications

The four lucky winners are sent notification within a week after the drawing. The notifications are sent after complete verification that the person is eligible for the prize according to the rules and requirements. However, there are some important points given below that one must keep in mind regarding the notifications.

  1. The administrator will use the participant's contact number to leave a voice message asking for his/her number.

  2. If there is no response by the participant within 3 business days, he/she will lose the prize.

  3. The winner will be disqualified if he/she is found not eligible for the taco bell survey sweepstakes, or they are unable to respond to winner notification/prize within a specified limit of time.

Tell the Bell Sweepstakes Winner List

Are you still having a hard time believing that feedback is true? We have another proof that will not only make you believe in it but also participate as soon as possible.

The official winner list is uploaded at, that shows the list of previous winners of past 2 years. | Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes Summary

Feedback Reward

$500 in form of a check

No. of Prizes

4 for each entry period

No. of Entry Periods per Year


Starting Date

27th June 2018

Ending Date

31st December 2018


The USA, District of Columbia

Age Limit

18 years or above



Receipt Validity

30 days

Entry Limit

One per receipt

Prize Limit

One per Household

Taco Bell Customer Service Survey UK

If you're a Taco Bell fan in the United Kingdom and want to submit your feedback, Tellthebell is at your service too. In fact, there is a whole other website only for the customers in the UK. All the rules and requirements for tellthebell UK are same as the one for the USA. The same super prizes of $500 are offered to the sweepstakes winners.

Go to Taco Bell Canada and get the Double cheesy gordita crunch and fries only for $6.

Tellthebell UK Feedback Guide

Here is a short guide to help you enter taco bell UK survey sweepstakes.

  • To take tellthebell customer survey UK, you can go to their official website

  • After reading the disclaimer and clicking "Continue" you will see some text boxes to enter information.

  • Enter the Store number and Trans# from your receipt, along with the date and time of your visit.

  • Complete the feedback survey and end by entering in tell the bell survey sweepstakes for a $500 prize in the form of a check.

Taco Bell Customer Service

Taco Bell always welcomes their customer's feedback, suggestions, and complaints. These opinions from their customers are what helps them grow as a company and keep providing people with the best food and service. This is why they highly appreciate any feedback from their customers. To contact the company for any such thing or any query, you can use the following information.

Taco Bell Customer Service Telephone: 1 (800) 822 6235

Mailing Address: P.O Box 251328,, West Bloomfield,, MI 48325.

Headquarters Address: 1 Glen Bell Way,, Irvine,, CA 92618

Official Website:

Survey Website:

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