Panda Express Gift Card | Check out Panda Express Gift balance

Panda Express Gift Card

Are you searching about the Panda Express gift card and wondering how it can be used? Are you people worried about the balance of your gift card and want to know about the criteria to check it out? Then look no further as this article is here to solve all your confusions related to the gift card.

Panda Express gift card

The gift card is an ideal gift!! The card has a certain amount which can be shown while buying stuff from Panda Express. The card can be used for long until there is no amount left in it. Firstly, you have to activate your card and then the money will be debited from your card as any normal card does.

This gift card is a wonderful offer for Panda Express lovers. For understanding the process of checking the balance of your gift card carefully read the options written below.

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How to check the Panda Express gift card balance?

Once you have registered with Panda Express gift card successfully, you will be able to view your gift card balance. There are three methods to check out the balance of your gift card. Choose on month according to your convenience.

  1. Balance check via online
  2. Balance check via Phone
  3. Balance check via store visit

Balance check via Online

You can easily check out the balance online without doing much effort. To check the panda express gift card balance online, you just need to visit the website at and enter your unique card number. This card number is located on the back side of the card. Enter this unique card number in the field where required. In this way, you can easily come to know about the balance of your card.

Balance check via Phone

The second method to check the gift card balance is by calling their customer support line. You have to provide some information to the customer officer then he will inform you about the balance.

Balance check via store visit

In some cases, you may need to visit your nearest Panda Express branch in person to verify and check the gift card balance.

How to check the expiration date at

If you want to check the expiration date so look at the back side of your card. Generally, the validity date is written on the back side but in some rare cases, it is indicated at the front side of the card.

Useful Information about the Panda Express gift card

Here is some useful information about the gift card which you should know before using it.

  • The card will of no use after expiration. It means it will become invalid after the validity date.

  • In case you have a damaged card and you can not use your panda express gift card balance so contact support service or directly to the store instantly.

  • In order to avoid any kind of scam or fraud, you should enter the card number only on the website of the service provider to which the gift card was issued.

  • The card will be in use as long as there is a balance of unused funds.

  • You cannot use the card at an airport, casino, stadium, supermarket, theme park, and university locations.

  • Gift cards balance can be recovered for cash, upon a customer’s request, when the gift card balance falls below $10.

Panda Express Customer Service Contact Info

  • Panda Express Postal Address: P.O. Box 1159, Rosemead, CA 91770.
  • Telephone Number: 626-312-5401
  • Email Address:

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